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Goblin Tools is a versatile and powerful tool designed to assist individuals with neurodivergent minds in overcoming their challenges. This premium app offers a range of six potent functionalities that cater to different needs and preferences.

Streamlined Task Management with Magic Todo

With Magic Todo, users can effortlessly streamline their tasks through detailed, step-by-step instructions. This tool ensures that goals are achieved effectively and efficiently, providing a user-friendly experience.

Refined Content with The Formalizer

The Formalizer is the second tool offered by Goblin Tools, which takes paragraphs, sentences, or any content and refines them to exude a professional, formal, sociable, or various other tones. Users can customize the tone to suit their specific preferences, enhancing their communication skills.

Tone Analysis with The Judge

The Judge skillfully analyzes the tone of speech or writing, helping users discern whether the message conveys a friendly, angry, or judgmental tone. This tool promotes effective communication and understanding in various contexts.

Insights into Activity Completion Times with The Estimator

The Estimator tool comes in handy by providing valuable insights into the estimated time required for completing activities. By inputting the steps from Magic Todo, users can gain a better understanding of the timeframe needed for each task, enhancing their time management skills.

Organize Thoughts with The Compiler

The Compiler tool assists users in extracting numerous thoughts and ideas from a brain dump and organizing them into separate tasks. This feature promotes clarity and organization, helping users stay focused and productive.

Culinary Creations with The Chef

The Chef tool showcases the various culinary creations users can whip up using the ingredients available in their refrigerator or pantry. This tool provides inspiration and guidance, making cooking an enjoyable and creative experience.

While Goblin Tools offers a range of powerful functionalities, it is important to note that the app lacks a mobile-friendly design. This may pose challenges for non-technical users who prefer to access the app on their mobile devices.

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